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ivpauk services Virtual PA A virtual PA offers services similar to an office assistant or PA, the only difference is we are not physically present within your office and work from home based offices where we undertake a number of services on your behalf. We can offer the following services: *        Composing and sending emails, letters etc *         Preparing reports and other business documents *         Maintaining your website *         Organising travel arrangements *         Managing your diary and sending you reminders *         Liasing with suppliers/clients on your behalf *         Creating contact information and documentation for marketing campaigns *         Poster and flyer design *         Tracking and sending invoices *         Online research                                   Email Management                                                     Most businesses today rely on email for a large part of their business communications but checking  emails daily can be difficult and time-consuming. We will (with your guidance) check your emails daily for you, advise you of any which require an urgent response, print out and give you copies of important information, identify and delete spam emails, report and advise the relevant authorities of any scam or phishing emails. Email Management can be offered as part of a Virtual PA package or as a stand-alone service. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & SOCIAL NETWORKING SERVICES Did you know that over 340million tweets are sent every day and that 15 million UK residents are active on Facebook daily? At IVPAUK we offer a range of social media marketing and social networking services. Social media isn’t just a buzz expression.  It can create an audience for your message and we can help to find and develop that audience for you. In 2015 and beyond, businesses are expected to have a presence on social media and they need to be able to genuinely interact and engage with others online and be able to share information with them. In the world today, Social Media marketing is fast becoming one of the most important methods of interacting with customers and is gaining ground on more traditional methods. If your business is not involved then you are missing out! Twitter,Facebook and Instagram have become leading sources of business leads in the social media world - however developing a targeted list of followers that are interested in what you do takes time and effort plus inside knowledge of what works and what does not! We take the information you provide and we will develop a targeted marketing strategy for your business Twitter or Facebook account. We will discuss this with you so you can be assured that nothing will go on your account without you first agreeing it. We can help you to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for your business or give a new lease of life to your existing accounts and give you training on how to run them successfully by training and encouraging you to interact with other users or we can manage them on your behalf. From a long term promotional /awareness campaign or a one off special event or product, let us know what you want to promote and we will design a campaign for you. Twitter Account Management We will create tweets specifically for your business We will create a schedule tailored to your business needs and tweet daily to that schedule We will target and grow followers and a following specific to your businesses needs We will listen to you, monitor key words, trends and engage in conversation as appropriate We will take part in organised networking hours as agreed by you. We always remember it is your Twitter account and you will always be able to tweet and comment yourself should you wish to. Facebook Management Like Twitter, Facebook offers a cost-effective method of getting your company name, products/services and your message to potential customers. However it can be time consuming to keep up to date!  We can help... We will develop a branded business page for you We will post messages, comments and announcements as required We will upload photos, videos and competitions as required We will utilise engagement tactics to increase ‘likes’ We always remember it is your Facebook account and you will always be able to post and comment yourself should you wish to. Instagram Instagram is an image-based social media and is another great way of promoting your company and message to potential customers. We will develop a branded business page for you We will post images as required We will utilise engagement tactics to increase ‘likes’ We always remember it is your Instagram account and you will always be able to post and comment yourself should you wish to. Copywriting A drop of ink may make a million think.”  Lord Byron Never underestimate the power of the written word! A copywriter will provide you with words that sell, promote, educate and inform. We will provide clear, targeted business writing to ensure you connect effectively with your customers and act as a link between you and your audience. We offer a copywriting, editing and proof reading service for the following: * websites * press releases * advertisements * reports * newsletters * articles * brochures * blogs * even if you have just a letter to produce, we can help! * cv’s/resumes - It is said tn employer only spends and average of 9 seconds looking at cv’s and you never get a second chance to make a first impression so make sure your cv stands out for the right reasons. Research As ex-academics with a marketing background, we have over 35 years experience and a wealth of knowledge which enables us to undertake both Desk Research (using books and online resources) and Field Research on your behalf. We can design a research programme specifically for your needs, collect information from archives (both online and paper-based), undertake research for a specific one-off project such as a book....  Its up to you! Training – social media marketing (including Twitter + Facebook) and  Presentation Skills For one to one or small groups - training will be specifically designed and tailored to match your needs. Social Media Marketing Training for Twitter & Facebook including: Setting up your Twitter/Facebook account, your Twitter/Facebook profile, how to Tweet /Post successfully and so much more...... Presentation Skills You are not alone if the thought of speaking in public scares you. Everyone feels anxious of presenting and public speaking to one degree or another – even those who are very experienced! Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very important in many aspects of business and life, and it is vital a speaker feels comfortable when speaking to a group of people. We can provide training for one to one or small groups specifically designed to meet your needs. Fusion Marketing Don’t embrace the concept of competition, acknowledge the advantage of cooperation. Fusion marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics in the world, mainly because it is mutually beneficial to everyone involved and so it is likely to work for extended periods of time. The concept of fusion marketing involves teaming up with another business in order to refer clients from one to the other. The most well known example of fusion marketing is a McDonald’s Happy Meal where the fast food outlet teams up for a limited period of time with a variety of partners (eg a new children’s film) to offer their food in branded boxes with a toy connected to the film. You can choose a partner for fusion marketing based on location, services, similar or compatible products or any number of other common denominators and IVPAUK can help you to identify and develop a successful Fusion Marketing campaign. contact us on 07743 855872  or email us on ian@ivall.uk ivpauk.co.uk virtual skills @ your service